Who May Home Educate in Minnesota?

* Any parent may home educate in Minnesota provided that they meet the provisions of Minnesota Statute 120A.22 subd 10. Every parent must annually report Minnesota Statute 120A.24 the name of the instructor and the name and birthdate of each child between the age of seven and 16 who is being home educated. In addition, if the parent does not have a baccalaureate degree, quarterly report cards must be submitted to the school superintendent.

* Every child must be tested annually using a nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement test per Minnesota Statute 120A.22 subd 11. The method of administration, including the test, location and administrator must be mutually acceptable to both the parent and the superintendent. The child's total battery score must be at the 30th percentile or higher. If not, additional evaluation per Minnesota Statute 120A.22 subd 11 (c) . is required.
Note that Minnesota families are NOT required to provide test scores to superintendents. Superintendents may encourage families to do so.

* The parent(s) must make available documentation indicating that the subjects required Minnesota Statute 120A.22 subd 9. are being taught. This documentation must include class schedules (typical daily schedule), copies of materials used for instruction (not just a listing), and descriptions of methods used to assess student achievement. If requested the superintendent is allowed an annual home visit. Parents who are opposed to the requested home visit may bring the materials to the superintendent.

*Specifics regarding immunizations are found in Minnesota Statute 121A.15 and includes home educated students.

This is a bare bones summary of the law and those provisions applicable to parents who teach their children at home.